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So Wil Wheaton's Indiegogo campaign for Season 3 of Tabletop has now crested past $1 million mark. Normally the show deals only with board games and has only had one flirtation with tabletop RPGs in its two seasons. So what does this new injection of funds mean for the serious roleplayer?

A series of our very own!

Geek & Sundry will create a new show, in the TableTop style, featuring Wil and a group of his friends playing a season-long campaign in an RPG. Unlike the one-shot we did for Dragon Age, which was just a couple hours in one adventure, this series will follow a group of players and their characters through multiple levels, challenges, and possible character deaths as an entire campaign is played out over the course of a year.


Anyone want to place bets on what their first system will be?

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