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A New Post Almost Every Month
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There are other TTRPGs aside from D&D: A Proposal

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So TSR/WotC/Hasbro's D&D is pretty much the IBM or Ford Motors of tabletop role-playing games.


Whenever the nerdy conversation comes around to the ancient days of playing role-playing games, most of us remember cutting our teeth on this one first. And sadly, because the intellectual property of D&D is now owned by Hasbro, a huge game and toy company with massive marketing power, the new kids out there, that grew up only with software RPGs, are likely to only hear about D&D when it comes to meatspace RP games.

I think this is rather sad because there are and have been many zillions of other games and rules systems out there over the decades.


And, so far, it seems unlikely to me that Kotaku, IO9's own Ed Grabianowski or this subsite here is really going to cover this history like I can.* So I'd like to start a sporadic column of sorts to examine some of the history and features of these other rules systems. With this I hope to break some straightjackets and get people to think in new directions. I propose this as an idea.

What say you?

* Not your fault, most y'all are kids and I am older than Dr. Who and nearly as old as Uatu the Watcher so you'd best respect!

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