A New Post Almost Every Month
A New Post Almost Every Month

Story Time: What's Your Favorite Miniature?

We all know that tabletop RPGs have their roots in miniature war games. These games pitted armies of lead figures against each other in battle. While the scope of RPGs was changed to focus on individual characters instead of armies, one element that remained was the use of lead figures. These figures were available to represent player characters and monsters for gaming sessions. Diorama sets were also available that had little or no use in actual gaming, but were fun for hobbyists to put together and paint. I have a bin full of miniatures that I will someday paint.

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One of my favorite sets of all time is the Bridge of Sorrows from Ral Partha. The 25 mm scale set depicts a wizard and a centaur battling a dragon who has captured their scantily clad companion. When I was a young gamer, I always wanted this set. I was finally able to track it down through eBay.

Do you have a favorite miniature? Is there a miniature that you always wanted to get your hands on, but never could? Tell us about it and include a picture if possible.

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