A New Post Almost Every Month
A New Post Almost Every Month

Story Time: RPG Webcomics

Today let's talk about our favorite RPG related webcomics. I regularly follow two RPG webcomics. The first is Oglaf, a generally NSFW webcomic that is sword and sorcery orientated so I count it. The other one is Table Titans by Scott R. Kurtz. The current adventure is "Winter of The Iron Dwarf." I enjoy Kurtz's webcomics because they integrate the gaming group and the adventure into one story. Here's the latest panel so you can see what I mean:

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The appearance of the DM within the panels while he tells the party what they seeing is a great way to illustrate a gaming session.

So what are your favorite RPG related webcomics? Share them in the comments. Also I am looking for a better name for these open threads. Suggestions are welcome.

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