Call for Players: Old Mesilla UPDATE: Filled with Creamy Goodness

This is a roll call for a game that is currently filled. Characters are pre-generated, the rules system is minimal. Heavy on the role-playing, light on the dice-rolling. I'll try to get most of it to happen in posts here.

It's 1881 in the US territory of New Mexico. William Bonney, the outlaw called Billy the Kid, is on a train from Santa Fe to Mesilla, where he will be hanged for the murder of 21 men. One group of outlaws wants to steal Billy off that train so they can get their revenge on him. Billy's old gang, the Lincoln County Regulators, wants to see him free. That group is in Socorro's Capitol Bar, plotting that train heist, when the sheriff and his posse walk into the room...

If you choose to be one of the players, you decide what happens. Do the Regulators free Billy? Does Billy die at the hands of the authorities? Does he get killed by one of his own?

What you need to play:

1. An imagination. I want to see the story grow organically from your posts. So you need to be able to pretend you are an outlaw, in 1881, in the Old West.


2. An aim to misbehave. You are an outlaw, you are (probably) fully intending to get Billy the Kid off a train. You are gonna need to shoot some lawmen, and you might need to shoot your fellow outlaws.

3. A willingness to have fun even if things don't go your way. ...your character might get shot, or hanged by the law, or your outlaw crew, or another crew of outlaws. If this happens, you have to not explode with internet rage.

4. Some patience. We won't be playing this all in one night or anything, and I want to let people write up responses to events when they have the free time to do so instead of demanding that we must finish this in X days or X weeks even.


...that's about it. The game's full of players but I am willing to let people spectate to their wildest desires.

This saloon needs a hitchin post of some sort.